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Tampa Adventist Academy offers a Christ centered athletic program for both boys and girls. Our athletic program is designed to meet the needs of all grade levels and ages. We offer intramural sports for students in k-5 and interscholastic sports for junior high students in grades 6 to 8, and interscholastic high school sports for grades 9 and above. Extracurricular sports enhance the overall educational program of the school and help to develop holistic students. It is the goal of the school to help student athletes to develop Christ like characteristics and to be able to openly express and represent the Christian deals and values that the school upholds. The sports program at Tampa Adventist Academy will help prepare student athletes to live purposeful, ethical and productive lives in their school, jobs, faith, families and community through a positive sports experience that fosters and promotes the concepts of team work, hard work, dedication, sportsmanship, and Christian behavior. Our student athletes will be academically accomplished, spiritually rooted, service oriented and self reliant. Some core values of our program will be to encourage all student athletes to have a Christian walk, excellent scholastic, strong self-discipline, stewardship and personal accountability. Being a Hawk is more than just playing a sport, it is a privilege and all our athletes are expected to be role models and held to a higher set of expectations.