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Academic Information


TAA utilizes the Renweb school management system (www.renweb.com) as an effective online resource whereby parents can regularly monitor their child’s performance at school. Teachers update information weekly or in some cases daily. Parents are strongly encouraged to make regular use of this effective online tool. Login and password information can be obtained from the school office.

Student report cards are issued four times each academic year. Grades 9 & 10 will receive weekly reports. These reports are designed to keep parents informed regularly of their student’s performance before permanent grades are entered on the quarterly reports. Grades Pre – K through 8 will receive interim reports. Grades K - 2 will receive marks of N, S or E. Academic marks for grades 3 through 10 at TAA are based on a five-letter system of A, B, C, D, and F. An "F" grade indicates failure to meet minimum requirements.

The teacher will notify parents in an ongoing basis if their child is failing or doing unsatisfactory work and will keep parents informed of progress and special needs.

Grades are used to determine Honor Roll members (see following sections) and to determine eligibility for promotions, for participation in extra-curricular activities and those programs that require a student to miss school or valuable study time due to practice routines or extensive traveling. The following policy will be employed to insure academic priorities:
  1. Students with three or more failures in their core classes may be ineligible for promotion into the next grade.
  2. Any semester failing grade received in grades 9 and 10 means losing that subject's semester unit of credit. That course will have to be repeated in summer school to allow that student re-admission to TAA.
  3. Any student with one or more "F’s” in a course may have their participation in extracurricular activities limited until such time as their academic performance improves.


Students must be academically successful by maintaining at least a C average in order to participate in the afterschool athletic program. If a student does not maintain acceptable grades, they will be suspended from afterschool athletics at least until the next interim grading period. Students may not have more than one D in any given class per quarter in order to remain eligible. An F in any class, regardless of overall GPA, will also make a student ineligible. If grades have not improved by the next interim grading period, the student will remain ineligible for participating in the afterschool athletic program until such time as grades improve. Any student, who is suspended from afterschool athletics for academic reasons, is still required to show up for team practices, however, they will instead be placed in a mandatory study hall.


A major part of academic success is completing assignments on time. All students are expected to meet this expectation. All classes will have a consequence/penalty for late work that may vary from grade to grade and will be stated in the classroom syllabus. For late work, any combination of consequences may apply including, but not limited to a percentage point deduction based on the number of days late, a deadline beyond which no late work will be accepted, or late work not being tolerated at all and students receiving a zero for work not completed on time.

The school office will not accept faxed or emailed homework nor will homework assignments be faxed to students if they are absent. If a student has been absent from school, upon returning they will be given the missed work to make up.


TAA’s policy regarding academic honesty is based on the Christian principles embraced by the school. Habits of hard work and honesty promote integrity, self-reliance, self-respect, responsibility, and trust. Grades on all assignments are to represent the student’s best work. Individual progress cannot otherwise be fairly determined. TAA assumes that all students enrolled are honest unless the trust placed in them is broken. While students who practice dishonesty usually care a great deal about succeeding in school, they actually jeopardize the success of themselves and their peers. The consequences for such behavior may include failing grades, loss of citizenship points, suspension and possible dismissal from school. Dishonesty can occur in many forms, including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. Allowing another student to copy or borrow one’s work.
  2. Copying or borrowing answers or ideas from another’s work.
  3. Using unauthorized notes or looking on another’s paper during a test or assignment.
  4. Working together on assignments when the assignment is not given as a team project.
  5. Copying a theme or other writing assignment from any source without giving credit to the original author.
  6. Having parents, friends, or tutors do assignments.
  7. Unauthorized use of digital or web-based reference tools on assignments or tests.


Achievement tests will be given to grades three through ten during the fall. An essential part of achievement testing is to utilize test results to assist the teaching staff, the student, and the parent in determining realistic academic expectations for each child.


Students may be placed on academic probation at either interim or quarter grading periods should performance indicate the need for greater scrutiny or corrective action.


Twice each year a special day is set-aside on the school calendar at the end of the first and third grading periods for parent-teacher conferences. All parents are urged to come to this conference.

Additional conferences may be arranged on an as needed basis. If parents wish to speak with a teacher, it is best to make an appointment with the teacher or to leave a message with the secretary in the front office. Please feel free to initiate contact through the school office to speak with your child's teacher(s). An informed parent is a supportive parent.


Tampa Adventist Academy considers academic awards, honors, and accolades a vital part of its emphasis in a student's performance. Noteworthy student progress, performance and service are awarded publically each year at TAA.

Students are eligible for the TAA HONOR ROLL if they maintain a 3.5 GPA or above and maintain good citizenship. Students are eligible for the TAA PRINCIPAL'S LIST if they maintain a 3.7 GPA or above and maintain good citizenship.


Graduation services will be held for the Kindergarten and eighth grade graduating classes. All graduates are expected to participate in the graduation exercises. We encourage all parents to fully support these significant events in our student’s academic progress.