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Tampa Adventist Academy (TAA) provides a holistic and Christ-centered academic curriculum which promotes the development of each student’s physical, intellectual, spiritual, and social abilities.
It is our goal to foster positive character qualities such as responsibility, being good citizens, caring for others and honoring God. The school features (1) a Christ-centered learning environment where students, parents, and teachers can experience the presence of God in a spirit of affirmation, (2) a progressive curriculum that challenges and fosters the highest academic development, and (3) a values-laden and ethically-driven focus that involves students in service for the purpose of developing responsible citizens and leaders with a commitment to local and global communities. The curriculum maintains a rigorous program of academic courses, religious education, community outreach, art, music, athletics, and enrichment opportunities that promote a life-long love for learning.

To accomplish these goals, it is critical that everyone including parents, community members, church members, teachers, and school administrators work together in a collaborative and supportive manner. TAA teachers are dedicated to seeing your child succeed. Our small class sizes encourage class participation, cooperative group interaction and more teacher support for individual students. TAA is a place where students excel, life-long friendships are developed, and faith is cherished.

At the elementary level the school offers a balanced integrated curriculum that focuses on reading, writing, and mathematics. Developing a strong foundation in these core areas is essential for the future success of each student in all subject areas of study and prepares them for the various standardized testing and assessment activities that will be required of them through Middle School, High School, and as they apply for college/university. At all grade levels students are encouraged to put forth their best effort and students are challenge to meet rigorous academic standards.

As students progress into the upper grades they are provided a variety of opportunities to develop leadership and performance skills as well as the opportunity to become involved in a variety of local community service and outreach activities. Music is a strong emphasis and includes choir, strings, and private lessons. Varsity and intramural sports are also offered in addition to the regular athletic program.

The school curriculum is based upon the education requirements of the Seventh-day Adventist Church which operates the largest protestant education system in the world. The rigorous academic curriculum is also aligned with both national and state standards.